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Testimonials from Graduates of Sharp-Quick University

"I was looking for something new, fun, and different in my life, when the idea to become a pro knife sharpener hit me. Within 15 minutes I was talking to Terry on the phone, and 4 weeks later I was in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA, training with the amazing Terry Beech. It was probably the most exciting and fun 2 weeks of my life, true! After only 1 week back home, I'm already making money and making my own schedule!" -- David Kohn, Manhattan Beach, CA


“We have had an amazing 2-week training experience with Terry. Just knowing how to sharpen is not enough. The hands-on training we received enabled to build our skill, speed and confidence. Plus,Terry has an incredible amount of knowledge about knives!” – Ray Shabandarian, Bakersfield, CA

“After my training with Terry Beech at Sharp-Quick University, I feel confident that my sharpening business is going to be a big success!” – Carmen Shabandarian, Bakersfield, CA

“This was the best vacation I’ve ever had! Oh, and did I mention the training? I am amazed at my new interest in knives and their history. Thank you Terry for introducing me to the simple joy of loving a good tool again. I am happy to give anyone a reference on Terry’s excellent training program – ask him for my number.” – Julia Delacour, Portland, OR

"I went to #1 on Yelp in less than 4 months after graduating from Sharp-Quick! Terry Beech provided me with a skill that I NEVER dreamed would have such an immediate impact on my life. My income, pride, and sense of accomplishment changed overnight! And you can literally take that to the bank!"  – David Kohn, Manhattan Beach, CA


"Without a doubt, the BEST decision I've EVER made in my adult life was to go to gorgeous Santa Cruz and train with Terry to become a pro knife sharpener! It was fun, it was instantly rewarding, and it changed my entire life, and the life and income of my family, real quick.

"This is my wonderful life after training with Terry. Folks just keep dropping off blocks of knives at my house, and I keep making bank deposits"!

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